Captain Kaon is a love letter to classics such as Thrust and Gravitar. It’s a twin-stick gravity shooter with a retro style. Pilot a gunship across the solar system, battling the evil machinations of Doctor Quantex!

The Earth Interstellar Navy is in the far off Regulus Sector, at war with an alien race called the Drullz. Only the Home Defence Fleet is left to protect the Earth, but it is a sorry collection of out of date, broken down, ships. When Doctor Quantex strikes, these antiques are all that stand between him and total dominion over the solar system.

Fresh out of the academy and assigned to the decrepit Argus, flagship of the Home Defence Fleet, Captain Talia ‘Kaon’ Altaras will do everything she can to prove her mettle. Driven by a desire to protect others after losing her family to a Drullz attack, she is desperate to join the war in Regulus. Now she has a different threat to face as the forces of Doctor Quantex ravage the solar system.





  • Old-school shooter action
  • A retro pixel art style
  • 40+ missions blasting across Ceres, Mars, Phobos , and the Moon.
  • 9 different ships to fly around in.
  • 10 different weapons to take down you enemies
  • Challenge arenas, how many waves of enemies can you defeat?



Captain Talia ‘Kaon’


When the evil ‘Drullz’ made their surprise attack on the Earth they all but destroy Talia’s home town. As the meteors rained down she could only look on as it was reduced to a smouldering crater. She had nothing left to live for but a desire for revenge, so she enlisted in the Earth Interstellar Navy. In the academy she found she was a gifted pilot, but time and again her anger would cloud her judgement. In the end this cost her the chance to join the attack of the Drullz in the Regulus sector, instead she was assigned to the Defence Fleet.

Talia stood of the flight deck of the Argus and could only watch as the Attack Fleet left for Regulus. Robbed of the revenge she desperately sought, Talia needs to find a way to prove herself and earn a place in the first wave of reinforcements.

Leutenant Jenna ‘Tempest’


Jenna grew up on the streets and was stealing to survive even before the Drullz attacked. Afterwards, when crime rates soared and the Earth Government began drafting criminals into the navy, it was only a matter of time before she found herself at the academy. Filled with resentment and rebelling against authority at every turn, she has been sent to the Defence Fleet and assigned to the Argus. Will defending the Earth give her a sense of purpose her life has always lacked?

Wing Commande Diakité


Diakité was the Wing Commander on the Earth’s mighty flagship ‘Bellerophon’. When the Drullz sent a wave of meteors towards the Earth it was Diakité’s squadron that was sent to intercept them. They ferociously destroyed countless numbers of them, but were overwhelmed and some slipped through. Diakité was devastated by this failure and the death toll it brought. Believing he was not fit to lead the counter attack he step down and was transferred to the Argus.


The Earth’s endless war with the Drullz has left them in desperate need of resources. The abundant mineral wealth of the asteroid belt must be mined to build more ships and weapons. This has put a strain on the already struggling miners who work there. They have now risen up under the banner of Sigma and threaten to undermine the efforts of the Earth Navy.

Doctor Ivar Quantex

Little is known of Doctor Quantex, he hides somewhere amongst the moons of the outer planets. When he armed Sigma and fuelled their revolt they could not have known of his true purpose. Only when the cybernetic monstrosities appeared did his true nature become apparent. In his mind, to defeat the Drullz we must become as merciless as they are. Quantex will strip us of our humanity and turn us into the killing machines he needs to win the war.

The Drullz

When humanity met the Drullz they spoke only one word, ‘Drull’, and with that they attacked. Since then the Earth Interstellar Navy has been fighting a bitter war for the Regulus Sector against an enemy that doesn’t take prisoners and won’t surrender. With no end in sight the Earth must mine all the resources they can from their own system if they are to have any hope of fighting back.