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Guns and coins

I’ve got a basic level up and running, but it’s a bit dry.  Flying around tunnels, shooting the odd turret, is not much of a game.  I need to start fleshing the level out until it has enough substance and gameplay to be satisfying to the player.  So of the things I’ve added so far.



Guns and Bombs – I’ve played around with different types of gun and bomb.  I’m using pickups to upgrade them during play, in the final game you will upgrade between levels.  So far I the guns are just basic bullets and lasers, but having them in the game to play around with had given me a few ideas for something exotic.  I’d like to have more than just a projectile weapon that has different coloured bullets.  The bombs are also a bit basic at the mo, just a size increase with each upgrade. I have a cool little cluster bomb that throws out lots of bomblets and makes everything explode.  The top level is a mini nuke with a massive mushroom cloud that fills half the screen.



Coins – I’m experimenting with adding coins to collect; this is some classic 8-bit gameplay.  It gives the player an extra thing to think about as the fly around, and can draw them off into different directions.  They can also be used as a way of upgrading ships and weapons.  I’ve made bronze, silver, and gold.  They’ve been liberally sprinkled around the level.



Drones – I’ve added a basic flying drone bad guy.  As it didn’t need to be anything with much character at the moment, I just made a sphere with a blinking eye.  They follow a path back and forth and generally get in the way.  If you hit them, you take damage, they are basically a non-fixed obstruction that you have to navigate.  Eventually I’ll give them some ai, and better pathfinding, but for now a simple drone will do.

- JBuckle

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