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Lots of Gunships

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a diary update.  Turns out, making a game and maintaining a website at the same time is a bit too much for one guy.  Lately I’ve been getting my head down and focusing on the game.  So what new sexy thing do I have to tell you about?

Gunships. Lots and lots of gunships.  Well, 9 gunships so far.  But each one has three variants, and each variant has 3 skins.  If there’s time I’m hoping to get a few more into the game.


Mosaic of Gunships

Each one has different physical characteristics (Gamemaker uses Box 2D physics) which affect the handling of the gunship.  They are also tiered.  Higher tier gunships have different armour levels, to make them tougher, and they have more turrets so they can pack more punch.

There will also be upgrade slots on each gunship that can be used to modify them.  These can be used to add modifiers to improve a turrets rate of fire, or accuracy.  You could add an extra secondary weapon, a shield, or afterburner to give you extra speed to escape a tight spot.  Maybe put on some more armour plating if you find yourself dying a lot.

But the higher tiered ships aren’t necessarily the best.  They’re generally slower, making it harder to escape when the a.i. surrounds you and starts blasting you from all sides.  Then there is the subtle factor of size.  The higher up the tiers the larger the gunship and the harder it is to squeeze through the tight gaps between the swinging mechanical arms and crushing pistons.

New gunships will be unlocked using Requisition Credits that are earned through missions.  In each mission there are three medals available, with each medal you earn credits to spend on ships and upgrades.  I’ll have some more info on the medals and how they’re earned in a later update.

That’s all for now.

- JBuckle

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