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Genre: Retro, Twin-stick Shooter

Platform: PC, XBox

Release Date: Early 2017

Price: TBD

Weblinks: Steam Page, IndieDB



A salute to such 1980s classics as Thrust and Gravitar, Captain Kaon brings the vector graphics of old right ‘up-to-date’ with vibrant Amiga-style pixel art and a tight twin-stick control mechanic. As a much-loved but long neglected genre, gravity shooters have found their modern champion in indie developer James Buckle. He played the pants off these games as a child and is launching on Steam Early Access today to gather valuable community feedback and ensure that Captain Kaon is the perfect celebration of the genre.








  • Enjoy classic sci-fi, tilt/thrust gravity-based gameplay
  • Battle enemies with twin-stick or 360° mouse aim
  • Explore vibrant Amiga-style pixel art environments
  • Manage resources and carefully select missions in Campaign Mode
  • Relive this ‘forgotten’ shmup sub-genre
  • Available now on Steam Early Access
  • Full launch on PC in 2017




James Buckle learned to code on an old second hand Sinclair ZX Spectrum he was gifted as a boy in the 1980s. From his childhood home in Horsham, England, James drew inspiration from long gaming sessions playing classic space shooters such as Thrust and Gravitar. The Spectrum became an Amiga, which in turn became a PC. James’ dedication to games development grew, which lead to a twelve year stint at Creative Assembly. After relishing the AAA development environment it was the call of purer, simpler gaming that returned James to the coding for which he was truly passionate. Captain Kaon is a love letter to those early years, with the game releasing on Steam Early Access in November 2016.


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