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Site Launch

Raise the bunting.  Bring on the trumpets.  I have finally launched my website.

This is Engage Pixel, a one-person dev team dedicated to pixel art games that are dripping with retro nostalgia, and injected with an over-dose of modern design ideas.

The first game in development is Captain Kaon: Earth Defender, neat little gravity shooter where you blast around the solar system fighting fantastical enemies such as The Dreaded Brain Drones, or the Mutant Space Bears From Pluto.  Kaon features stories and an art style influenced by classic early sci-fi, and gameplay inspired by early arcade greats.

Keep coming back here for new information on Captain Kaon, or follow its development through the dev diary.

Captain Kaon is coming to a PC, iPhone, or Android device near you! Soon! Ish!….When I finish it………

Engage Pixel – Fueled by tea and dreams!

- JBuckle

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